About me

Hello, I'm Simon.

I'm a writer and techie person. I currently work at the BBC as the Head of Product for Corporate Digital & Applications, running a team that mainly builds apps and tools for staff but I also look after around 50 of the BBC's corporate websites, that receive about 2,000,000 visitors per month. These include websites like this one, where you can find out all about the BBC.

Over the past ten years at the BBC I've grown a huge portfolio of work, spanning solution architecture to sound engineering. I brought enterprise mobile capability into the BBC doing all the fiddly technical work but also overseeing the branding and marketing of the product. I'm proud to have designed and built features that have supported tens of thousands of people do their jobs, from TV schedulers to journalists working abroad.

I have a real interest in making things simple and easy to use. This started long before I joined the BBC when I was experimenting with making websites. It's amazing how what began as making pages for friends and eventually larger clients has turned into something I both really enjoy and get paid to do.

Mobile Appster

With my extensive experience building digital products, I co-founded Mobile Appster to establish an independent consultancy and digital agency to build mobile apps, websites, APIs and databases. We take away all your difficult problems and solve them for you. If you're looking for help getting your product off the ground or have a great idea and aren't sure where to start, get in touch and see if we can help.

Simplex Mobile

I'm also a director at Simplex Mobile. We specialise in working with large companies often with huge volumes of data, and pride ourselves on taking the complex and making it simple. We've worked with Network Rail and Vodafone and build data extraction systems, live rail maps, and delivery logistics systems..


I've been a speaker at Mobile Apps World, and at events run by Apple and IBM about mobile design, app development and product management, as well as speaking at Virgin Atlantic, the NHS and GSK about delivering mobile transformation.

I write fiction and non-fiction stories, some of which have been published, including in the anthology, the Mays, and sometimes I draw cartoons. You can mainly see these on Instagram.

If you have a project in mind or just want a little chat, feel free to drop me a line.

Other places you can find me online:

Linked In For information about my jobs and career

Instagram For cartoons and drawings

Twitter For occasional comments and ramblings

Medium For non-fiction articles

SubStack For my occasional newsletter about tech and life