The musings of Simon Pitt


I've been writing for most of my life. The first thing I remember writing, aged about 4, was a heavily illustrated story called The Crash about two cars that crashed into each other with a big explosion. It was published on the fridge door, and at the time the critical consensus was "lovely, perhaps try to stay within the lines more when colouring".

These days most of my work can be found on Medium. I've write for OneZero (Medium's official tech publication), The Startup (the most followed active publication on Medium), Prototypr (Medium tech partner publication), UX Collective and The Ascent. My work has been featured on the Medium homepage, on the front page of Hacker News, and I'm listed as a top writer in the categories of Technology and Leadership. Inexplicably, not a featured writer on the subject of crashes or explosions, though.